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Monday, July 29, 2013

Portrait of a Leader: Duluth Mayor Don Ness

Photos and text by H. Brian Rauvola

With no hint as to the motive, the question was posed to the Mayor, "What are your most cherished accomplishments?" With little hesitation, the reply was twofold: 1) reducing the City's retiree health care unfunded liability by $186 million, and 2) stopping the sanitary sewer overflows into Lake Superior (the plan, according to the Mayor's official website, went under budget and ahead of schedule.)

The reason for this question was to gain insight and inspiration for a unique, high(er) end portrait session encompassing aspects of the Mayor's tenure of which he is especially proud. The obvious choice seemed to be down in the storm drains!

It was posed to the Mayor as "Ultimate Portrait," and through a bit of scouting and negotiations, you are seeing the results. The top image is a 6 image composite, 5  light-painted images stitched into the background panoramic captured before the Mayor arrived, and one of the Mayor once he got on scene. Lighting was one mini soft box on a Q-flash with a reflector camera right.


The next image is also a composite of light painted background images plus separate exposure of the manhole and light from it. Mayor Ness was lit with the same Q-flash/softbox located high camera right with a reflector camera left, plus 2 speedlight kickers, one directly behind the Mayor and one at an angle from camera right.

Thank you to Matt Moses for the initial contacts with the right people and the City of Duluth employees who made this session possible, especially my main contact Program Coordinator Todd Carlson.

A big thank you also goes to the assistants during the session: Dick Anderson, Deb Carroll, Crystal Detlefsen, Matt Moses, and Joni Tauzell.

Local videographer Al Skomers of was also on hand throughout the process and has produced a video of the experience (shown below.) A special, "thank you," goes out to Al for volunteering his services to capture this!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Tall Ships have Arrived

Photo and text by H. Brian Rauvola

The 2013 Tall Ship Festival is underway in Duluth and what a majestic sight it is! Here, crew members of the Peacemaker hoist up a sail in the morning hours today. This is the first trip this Tall Ship has made to a festival in Duluth.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Annual Park Point Sandmodeling Contest Summer Beach Bash and Water Safety Expo   

This event was sponsored by City of Duluth Parks and Recreation, YMCA and Minnesota and Wisconsin Sea Grant.

 Little Kingdom (below) Making of the Minion (above) and the largest beetle I have ever seen (left).  Also below - the cold water challenge and the making of the Kingdom

The day included sand modeling by kids of all ages, hula hooping, beach cleanup and water safety.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lake Superior Art Glass

A complete torch-work glass studio with the gallery featuring glass artwork of all types made by artists in the Midwest. This includes stained, fused, torch-worked, furnace worked and more!

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Rose Garden on London Road offers so much beauty, relaxation and of course, many many Roses for everyone to enjoy.  It is a place for families, for someone who just wants to absorb beauty without driving far and for people who come to read in such a beautiful place.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

June 2013 was the 10th Annual CHUM Rhubarb Festival on London Road.  There was plenty of activities for the whole family
including a kids fun run, kids activity tent, music, speech students
sharing their talents and of course food.  Any kind of rhubarb food that you could think of from rhubarb crisp to rhubarb brats and pies galore (made from each of the churches belonging to CHUM).


Music in the Rose Garden

Photo and Text by H. Brian Rauvola

The Windjammers played for this Thursday night concert at the Rose Garden. Each Thursday this summer at 7:00, a local band holds a free concert by the gazebo!

Sailboat Regatta

Photo and text by H. Brian Rauvola


Each Wednesday in the summer, we are treated to the sailboat regattas on the lake. Just another reason why we love it in this town!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

All Pints North Summer Brewfest 2013

The 2nd annual All Pints North Summer Brew Fest celebrated beer brewed in Minnesota (plus a few selected regional and national craft brands) by members of the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild. This year's event at Bayfront Park was completely sold out! Beer samples flowed from 40+ craft brewers and local food trucks and food vendors were on hand when you needed to grab some grub.

"The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild was founded in 2000 to promote Minnesota breweries, create an open line of communication between brewers, and showcase local craft beer at our events throughout the year,"

Musical Kegs or life size Bean Bag Toss for anyone?