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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

An Exciting Ride!

(Photos and text by Nancy Lindberg)

It was a beautiful Sunday on the Ariel Lift Bridge with a camera in hand.  Two ships went under the structure:  The Barker left the port and the Oberstar came in.  The view of the Duluth Superior harbor from the high angle of the bridge is an unusual sight for most people, but one bridge operators see while on duty.  Included here are photos of the Barker leaving, the Oberstar coming into the port, the Minnesota slip,  Canal Park, and one of the operators of the lift bridge, Dale. There are two 125 horse powered motors that raise and lower the span which allow ships and boats to enter the Duluth/Superior harbor through the Duluth entrance. Thank you Dale for giving us the opportunity to visit the bridge house and learn about the workings of Duluth's famous landmark.

The Barker leaving the Port of Duluth in the canal.

The Oberstar Entering the Duluth Harbor

Dale, one of the operators of the Ariel Bridge. outside his office door.
The Minnesota Slip with Duluth Hillside in the Background

Canal Park From the Raised Span of the Ariel Bridge and Eastern Duluth in the Background

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ride on the Lift Bridge

(Photos and text by H. Brian Rauvola)

It isn't every day that you get the opportunity to watch the lakers come in from above them. Thanks to Nancy Lindberg, we got to do just that. Here are my favorites:

We were fortunate enough to get the Barker leaving, and soon after the Oberstar arriving. The bottom 2 images are 180 degree panoramic stitched composites.